Perfect Alignment

As entrepreneurs and operators ourselves, we succeed only if our underlying portfolio companies and management teams succeed. We are not consultants, or a mega-PE firm acting as “asset aggregators” with multiple revenue streams. We invest substantially all of our time and resources to support the increasing value of a select few businesses.


Given our hands on approach we will have no more than a handful of companies in our portfolio. Our focus and energy is to work with management to elevate the performance of our select investments.


Exaltare’s principals value integrity and their potential partners’ time.  We place a premium on direct, honest communication and negotiation. We believe that this sets the stage for a more effective longer-term partnership with less wasted time and risk.

Given our commitment to the success of our portfolio companies, we are willing to help in any way to advance the business. We also have the experience and ability to contribute in areas where most lower-middle-market firms lack dedicated resources. Below is a list of actual experiences and functions in which our principals have added value to existing organizations:

  • Experience serving in senior operating roles (e.g. CEO, COO, CFO) for PE-backed mid-market and public companies
  • Strategic planning for rapid expansion
  • Acquisition strategy/execution
  • IT implementation
  • Management team development
  • Market expansion
  • Capital allocation and financing expertise to drive growth