Exaltare Capital Partners, based in Boston, MA, is a private investment firm that invests in superior, niche-leading businesses.

We believe that people create value. Therefore we focus on partnering with talented, motivated and committed management teams.

  • Superior niche-leading businesses did not become successful by accident; typically, such a market position was earned as the result of providing differentiated value to its customers.
  • Our goal is to preserve what has made these companies niche-leaders while simultaneously adding value to help take portfolio companies to another level of performance. Every business is unique, and as a consequence, our value creation plan is specific to each target and co-created with management.
    • Exaltare’s contributions to the plan may include upgrading the financial function, providing analytical support, leading acquisition strategy, managing IT transformation, investments in adjacent markets, customer introductions, and adding strategic direction.

Exaltare invests in the following target segments:

  1. Franchisee
  2. Franchisor
  3. Multi-Unit Businesses
  4. Health & Wellness
  5. Consumer Goods & Services
  6. Food & Beverage
  7. Beauty & Personal Care
  8. Pet Products & Services
  9. Direct Consumer & Marketing Services

Exaltare Capital Partners was founded on the values of integrity, teamwork, and partnership. These qualities not only reflect how we conduct business, but also are the foundational pillars of the relationships we seek to establish.

Integrity provides the foundation for successful relationships. Our partners share our philosophy of conducting business with honesty – through open and candid dialogue.

Teamwork fosters creativity and builds value for all stakeholders. We believe collaboration is an important part of optimal problem solving.

Partnership at its best is based on a shared commitment to a common vision where the collective whole exceeds the sum of its parts.